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Garage Door Repair in Farmington, CT

Our team at Garage Door Repair in Farmington are able to take care of any of your garage door needs. The techs on our team are trained to repair or install any kind of garage door structure. We can make arrangement to take care of your garage door needs today.

Just Call The Professionals

If you are needing some help our techs are always ready to quickly get there. Our team can troubleshoot any issue your garage door may be having and replace the parts or even install a new one. Getting the job done in a timely manner is not a problem you will have with our company.

Needing torsion springs replaced or a new garage door installed, then you will want to definitely call a professional to fix your problem. Garage door parts can be hard to install and that is why we urge you to let us do it for you. Our techs will also grease all the parts on the garage door equipment that is needed.

Reasons Your Garage Door Needs Servicing Regularly

It is very important to keep your garage door maintenance regularly. When our techs service your garage door, they keep all your parts in good working conditions and replaced if needed. You can count on one of our techs to keep you informed of any concerns they may have about your system when are checking it out.

There are a few things you can most likely check yourself. We have made a list of a few for you.

  • You can check to make sure your door is not off balance.
  • You have to make sure you always keep the batteries changed regularly.
  • Check the eye on the doors to be positive that is stopping when someone walks through and breaks contact of the eye.

This is just a list of a few things you can check for yourself, but a tech can help you troubleshoot to figure the problem out.

If Your Garage Door Breaks

There are many parts on your garage that need to be check occasionally for damages. You can check these parts:

  • Cables - Cables are capable of causing multiple issues if they were to snap or break. You need to keep a lookout for rust spots.
  • Springs - Springs can rust and break. If you start noticing rust they will most likely need replacing.
  • Rollers - Rollers should always be round and smooth, but in time they will start to develop wear to them and get holes.

The parts we have listed above need to be checked on a regular basis, so they can be changed if needed.

Our techs always make sure to check for rust or damages. It is very important that all the parts on your garage door work in sync so that your garage door stays working correctly. If you don’t stay on top of your repairs it can be costly later on.

We Can Help With Emergency Problems

We know that none of us want to have to deal with an emergency, but if there is one to pop-up our techs can get there in a short period of time. If the parts on your garage door are breaking or the spring snap our techs can repair it for you. Contact us with all your garage door emergencies.

We Take Pride In Caring For Our Customers

Garage Door Repair of Farmington can come out anytime to service your garage door needs. All of our customers are very important to us. Call us Now!

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